Joshua was raised on the southern coast of Mississippi. I learned to love reading at an early age and writing seemed the next natural step. In fourth grade, I began bringing my stories on the school bus and reading the "next chapter" aloud each morning. After elementary I became the editor of his high school newspaper, contributing art and short stories.

I continued in this direction while attending The Mississippi School for Math and Science, taking every available Creative Writing class and submitting stories and poetry to magazines across the country. Mr. Red was published in Southern Voices Magazine in 1994. During this time he also studied Artificial Intelligence algorithms at Mississippi State University under the direction of Dr. Lois Boggess. Joshua went on to college where he received a degree in Graphic Design. He won an Addy Award for his Magazine Cover: Militant Design.

I went back to school, [again], to study Computer Science at the University of Southern Mississippi and I still works in Software Engineering, now living in Pensacola, FL along with his remarkable wife and two beautiful girls.


  • 2014
  • Principal Architect - MVCSmith/TrainChamp

    December 2012 - present

    Angular X(6) shop, C#, Cordova, Swift, Kubernetes. Utilized Durandal framework for rapid prototyping a Mobile website, using Bootstrap, SammyJS, RequireJS, Jquery, Javascript for Australia Senior Living division of Compass-USA. Built Single Page Application Framework which enables client side JavaScript framework to run inside the browser and communicate with the server in a streamlined compressed data format and protocol, currently implementing national healthcare product in this framework. Built iPad application for Masland Contract Carpet Manufacturer’s sales force to do online ordering. Designed and implemented Title Insurance application for building legal support Documentation for Agents and approved Attorneys of Old Republic Title Company.

  • Consulting Architect - The Compass Group

    Novemeber 2011 - December 2012

    Implemented the My Marketing Plan web based system utilizing KnockoutJS and MVC4 Web API Controllers for tracking promotional compliance. Architected the eRetail system to warehouse serve retail items across multiple sectors to point of sale systems using MVC 4, using Bootstrap and other Responsive Design strategies. Designed and Implemented multiple application security system to allow single sign-on with Active Directory and Role management. Designed and implemented a distributed system using WPF, Windows Services, and WCF to scale existing Financial calculation processes across multiple systems. Designed a Single Page App framework utilizing JQuery, Web API, SammyJS, and a custom JavaScript core for maintaining dynamic DOM injection.

  • Director of Software Engineering - KAMedData

    October 2010 - November 2011

    Architected the newest version of the core business software offering, a Physician Recruitment and CRM System, converting the existing Classic ASP/Oracle 8i web application to a C#.NET-4 ASP.NET MVC-3 in Visual Studio 2010 SP1 application utilizing MySQL with Spatial support and CMS. Created C#.NET ASP.NET MVC micro websites utilizing a backend C#.NET Web Service SOA infrastructure to pass information among older and newer systems. Managed the existing C#.NET Web Service infrastructure and SQL 2008 database to improve speed and reliability. Managed online physician credentialing application utilizing SQL 2008 and custom JavaScript frontend with XLST transformations of Custom XSD SQL Data types. Developed custom C#.NET-4.0 Code Templates to aid in the Generation of Controllers/Views/SubSonic ORM Data models. Designed and Integrated Custom C#.NET Attributes to provider reusable Controller actions in the form of serving HTML Views to browsers and Mobile devices or serving purely data in the form of XML/JSON.

  • Consulting Architect - Actigraph

    February 2009 - October 2010

    Architected Ext-JS GUI Frontend with Restful API built on top of a C#.NET-3.5 ASP.NET MVC-2 application utilizing multi-server Sharded MySQL Database. Helped to design Sharded MySQL database platform for all Web Applications to be developed upon utilizing CentOS Linux Servers and DRDB for enterprise replication. Windows 2008 and IIS7 load balanced web servers. Helped Architect C#.NET-3.5 ASP.NET MVC-2 web application for the management at a corporate level for corporate wellness management of employee accounts in the main application above. Designed and developed an Android application utilizing RESTful API, Low level accelerometer access, and proprietary equations to calculate caloric burn and store information to a MySQL system through the MVC Application. Advised management on hardware Architecture, Corporate Email hosting, and Enterprise Unmanaged Hosting solutions for product offerings.

  • ESB/Mobile Architect - Cogon Systems

    2007 April – 2009 February

    Cogon hired me to assist in the completion of their first Healthcare Information Exchange contract and to pick up the maintenance of their Windows Mobile Application. After the successful completion of the first HIE Project. We decided to convert the HIE to a J2EE platform using Eclipse for their second HIE Project. I lead the effort to utilized Glassfish ESB using Netbeans 5.5 as middleware component to connect the DoD Vista system to our platform writing WSDL endpoints/XSLT Transformations to consume and be consumed by all participants in the HIE. Architected their next generation Mobile Platform to utilize C#-Compact Framework to communicate with C#.Net-2.0 Web Services using Visual Studio 2005/2008 in a fully thin client-server Model for DoD Healthcare Rounding and Patient History/HIE information.

  • Software Integrator - Bomgar

    2005 April – 2007 April

    Assisted in the rewrite of their second generation product in Qt C++ and C++ Win32 in Visual Studio 2005 after which my duties rose to integrating their appliance based system with other 3rd Web Services. The largest integration included building a custom module -party systems via PHP XML and .NET 2.0 inside of BMC Remedy for our appliance to interface. This effort was certified by BMC. I also designed and implemented all aspects of the User Interface including Icons in Photoshop. Created an API for CSC to utilize to interface our custom Appliance to help secure a multi-million dollar deal.

  • Mobile/SharePoint Architect - SFBCIC

    2004 January – April 2005

    Architected VB.NET Pocket PC based system using Visual Studio 2003 for creating an insurance quote on site and syncing data with a VB.NET Web Service once in a connected state. My major effort during this time was to create a Web Service based system in a disconnected model to allow much faster integration of onsite surveys to the home office. This project also involved the integration of the Marshal and Swift 3 provide instant and accurate rate quotes on the PDA. Designed and implement SharePoint Web Part Framework applications.

  • Software Development Manager - Stennis Space Center

    2002 August – January 2004

    Hyper Spectral Imaging is a technology based on scanning an image and sending each line of light through a prism to capture multiple spectral layers simultaneously, producing a cube of data. These cubes can be used to measure reflectance points through the visible, infrared, ultraviolet spectrums to determine properties of anything from wounds to areal scans of fields and their chlorophyll levels. While working on this project I architected a new disk based caching system in C#.NET 1.1 using Visual Studio 2002/2003 utilizing Multithreaded C#.NET memory-management systems which allowed a cube the size of the available disk drive to be captured. (instead of being limited to physical RAM) This project also required the low level C++ COM+ integration of several third party motors and a patented focal plane scanner for scanning. Architected a new C#.NET 1.1 application platform for their primary suite of applications.

  • Software Developer - BAI The Resource Group

    2002 February – 2002 August

    Architected a multi-hospital ticket system in ASP and VBScript using a Microsoft SQL Server backend. Designed and implemented a DCOM C++ Visual Studio 6 distributed security system for HIPAA Compliance. Maintained existing VB6 Applications to transform Healthcare data for Insurance digestion. Designed and Developed ASP VBScript SQL Server 2000 File Sharing system. Developed DOS PROCOM Telephony upload scripts as Batch Files to process and upload BlueCross BlueShield insurance data.

  • Software Enginner - SmartSynch

    2001 January – 2002 January

    Design and Implementation of many J2EE EJB Subsystems utilizing Rational Rose and Suite for the TMS J2EE web application. Utilized full Rational Unified Process for Software Engineering. Wrote JSP Upload system for upload of data through web interface for Java transformations. Designed many Use Case Realizations based on customer requirements and Use Case’s.

  • Software Developer - HTS

    2000 January – 2001 January

    Design and implementation of Healthcare Portal utilizing COM+ ASP VBScript Web application in Visual Interdev. Utilizing SQL Server 2000 for database backend. Reporting and Data Transformation engine management in Visual Basic 6.

  • Software Intern - Wesley Medical Center

    January 1999 – 2000 January

    Design and implementation of Corporate Intranet utilizing ASP VBScript and MS Access Database. (Training, Tickets, Novell Email integration) Implementation of ASP VBScript external website and Newborn Guestbook with post approval process.


  • Novels

    Abrom Crow
    Novel 82,500 2008
    4000+ Downloads on Android Marketplace.

    Deep within a secret society controlling the world, twins with extraordinary powers and dark prophecies are born. A mole, from a once formidable rebellion, steals one of the children to hide far away. Unaware of his destiny to save the world, Abrom has a chance encounter which uncovers his "shadow" ability. A freak accident forces him back into the underbelly of the secret society. Tempted by new powers, Abrom is guided through an uncanny world of unlimited credit cards, hidden night clubs and shadow controlled sports, by a host of new characters. The divide between good and evil deepens and Abrom must choose a side. To save the world, Abrom Crow must find proof of mankind's origin while fending off constant attacks from shadow assassins. Death and love harden Abrom's path toward leading a revitalized rebellion against his evil twin brother and an army of shadows.

    WOW! The Revillusion has begun!!

    "This book was very captivating, from beginning to end. It's very well written with great characters and an intriguing plot w/twists.. i was hooked from the beginning. It beckons you to look beyond the veil of this "reality", and wake Up to the world beyond it. The Revillusion has begun! I am looking forward to anything else Joshua Smith has to offer. Highly Recommended!" --Ronnie Innis, CO
  • Novellas

    Pirate Kiln
    Novella 40k 2006
    Teddy and his family move onto a coastal area of the Wolf River in Southern Mississippi. Captain Kiln (pronounced Kill), the local pirate legend, is simply a riverside game to the Roberts. After Teddy and his brothers find treasure hidden in a room forged inside a well, it is only a matter of time before the rightful owner comes up stream looking for it. Little do the Roberts know, there are several people who have been looking for the Maps Captain Kiln buried with his Treasure. Treasure Hunters, familiar with the folklore of Kiln's maps to "Atlantis", take Teddy and his girlfriend prisoner to steal the maps and search for the Lost Island of Treasure. A boat chase into the devil's triangle ensues and Teddy must give up his own aspirations of finding the treasure to ensure their safety through the adventure.

    Short Stories

    Short Story 2k 2005
    A mechanical bird given just enough [AI.ashx|A.I.] to travel into the wild.

    Short Story 2k 2005
    Home of the future.

    Thousand Acre History
    Short Story 1.5k 2005
    A step backwards into a simpler time in history.


    Mr. Red
    originally published by Southern Voices Magazine in 1995.


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